Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to my story of renewed hope!

I am creating places of beauty amid the 'clutter' of my life and home.
This used the be the messy end of the buffet/workbench.I removed the 'stuff' into a cardboard box, made some beauty to replace it, and then dealt with the mess. It was manageable - breathe a sigh of relief! I realised I need to do things in a manageable size (using the peak to peak principle). My previous 'task' was too large. Creating the place of beauty worked, but dealing with the mess was too big and isn't finished yet. I have realised I didn't have the emotional and physical energy to see it through. SO smaller steps will work for me!


  1. How very pretty! Just one day, one step at a time and your home will look just the way you want it to. Best wishes, Esther

  2. You don't have to paint cupboards and do full room make-overs, just do the dishes and work on one small corner at a time!